1C8A3187SRegal II

The natural heir to last year’s collection, Regal II once again succeeds in evoking a spirit of nobility, with its mix of bold colours, classic style and luxurious fabrics. New additions, such as the Harris bomber jacket and Doe & Co., offer tradition with a modern twist. 


Lovingly crafted from premium wool and materials all sourced from Great Britain, this unisex range blends quality with comfort. Whether worn accompanied by a cape or simply as a waist coat, Georgie carries an air of distinction, while the vivacious Tulip and majestic Williams & Buckle long coats ooze sophistication.

1C8A0491Drapes & Shades

Uniquely designed luxurious outerwear, made with premium wool, the Drapes & Shades collection showcases elegance in simplicity. Incorporating drapery to flatter any body shape, the Unisex Cardi-Jacks come in earthy muted shades, while the women’s Long Cardi-Coats catch the eye with their vivid colours.